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The breeding season is drawing to a close. On patch this means waders, particularly juv waders, and you gotta have love for the juvs.
The weekend was particularly notable for a good number of Green Sandpipers in among all the juv Wood Sandpipers.

Wood and Green Sandpiper combo
Juvenile Spotted Redshanks, a cracking plumage of wader if you ask me, were also present.

Other decent birds, such as Temmincks stints put on a good showing as well, as did a single Bar-Tailed Godwit.

Temminck's Stint

Bar-Tailed Godwit
Other nice juvs on patch included some nice bearded reedlings (scarce here), juv Marsh Harriers, all dark chocolate and orange, juv common gulls looking very crisp, and other juv waders such as Ruff.

Common Gull

The Wilson's Bonanza

Yesterday was the anniversary of Ireland's Wilson's Bonanza, 1st of August 2009, at the Bridges of Ross, co. Clare.

This remains the largest single count of Wilson's petrel from land in Ireland at a very conservative 27.

Wilson's petrel - Robert Vaughan

I had been watching the weather forecast for several days with the bank holiday weekend approaching. Having decided that it looked very good, I began calling around telling people to get themselves to the Bridges.

Dara Fitzpatrick decided he would join myself and my dad, and we arranged to meet him in Limerick in the wee hours of the morning. After a few car trouble delays on the part of Dara, we finally arrived at the Bridges in the early morning, with a few birders already on site.

Not long after we had gotten comfortable in the hollow, the first Wilson's began to appear...and did not stop appearing. 

Bird after bird began to flow through, often wonderfully close and the task of keeping track of them became diffi…