Into The Trees

June and pretty much everything that should be back is back. It was time for me to hit some old forest in search of Red Breasted Flycatcher and Greenish Warbler.

I headed south to Porkkala, and an hour or so strolling through the woods produced several of each singing.

Being old forest meant that these birds were generally high overhead and flitting actively, but one immature male RB Fly did give good phone-scoping opportunities.

2 CY Red Breasted Flycatcher - RB fly breeds in it's second year, before they have obtained their full adult plumage. You can just about make out a buff colouration on the throat of this bird.

It's a pretty little song too.

After the early start, and having skipped my morning coffee, I was crashing somewhat, so I made my way to a nearby seaside Cafe and enjoyed a late breakfast watching Caspian Tern and eider. 

I don't function without caffeine anymore. I make no excuses for the sugar. The Finnish "Rinkkimunkki" is a delicacy, laced wit…

Gullfest In Tampere

The end of May sees a big bank holiday arise, and a bit of sneaky holiday selection meant I had a 5 day weekend on my plate.

We selected to head up to the Hämeenkyrö summer cottage for the duration, which meant I got to spend some time at Tarastenjärvi dump, as well as the usual grassland and forest sites close to the cottage.

I managed to nip down to the dump for a couple of hours on Wednesday. There had been a couple of 2CY Caspian gulls there, on and off, over the past couple of weeks, and I was looking forward to seeing them in a less familiar plumage for me (naturally all gulls pretty much feck off over the course of a Finnish winter, so no chance to track the usual juvs over the course of their 1st winter).
There had also been a Black Kite reported at the dump that day, another bird I was keen to see. (The Raptors).

The dump was incredibly active with birds when I arrived and I knew it would not be easy with the gulls.

The Black Kite was on show instantly however, coming extreme…


The past couple of weeks have generally been spent enjoying the staged arrival of "Nightsingers".

Garden listing has been good too, with Waxwing, Brent Goose and Wigeon all added to the tally.

 Waxwing is still a bizzare bird to me when you see them at this time of year. At least 2 birds were present, taking a quick break on their way north.

The birding phenomenon of conducting an "Yöretki" , a night trip in search of those dusk or nocturnal singing species, is something lacking in Ireland and quintessentially Finnish.

We really should be chancing our arm more in Ireland for this purpose, as there is arguably everything to play for in finding species such as Great Reed Warbler, Savi's, River, Marsh warbler and Nightingales if we did so.

I started out on Friday evening at Laajalahti, nabbing Broad-Billed Sandpiper and Little Stint for the year.Bad weather all day had dropped a large number of birds into the bay, with a few hundred Ringed Plover present, several …