The Hallowed Honeymoon Hummingbird Hunt - Costa Rica - Part 5 - Arenal Day 2

Day 5 started off at the fruit feeders beside the restaurant. Lots of activity here, but much of the same species. A family of Coati and a family of Great Currasow were superb entertainment though.

Montezuma Orpendola

Baby Currasow

Female Great Currasow

Lake Arenal from the Observatory lodge

Green Hermit

Coati Family


Baby Coati - That tail

Baby Coati


Male Great Currasow

Male Great Currasow

Arenal Volcano

Palm Tanager

Cool cloud formation over the volcano

Black Striped Sparrow

From the restaurant we made our way towards some trails, however the weather decided to go against us as torrential rain showers came in. We had prepared for this, however, with purchasing some decent ponchos prior to the trip. These were invaluable over the course of the holiday, but even with these on, the rain was abysmal. A convenient shelter on the trail was availed of and we sat down to wait it out. 

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge." - Poncho birding at it's best

 Lake Arenal from our cabin

Poncho birding
Poncho Birding in amazing rain forest

Amazingly whilst sat here, a Jaguarundi ran out of the forest and crossed the trail in front of me. Amazing looking animal

With the rain having hampered things slightly uphill, it was time to make our way downwards and on to La Paz. We slowly worked downhill, seeing birds like Swallow Tailed Kites, White Hawk, Barred Hawk, Grey Crowned Flycatcher, Southern Rough Winged Swallow and Grey Breasted Martin.

A tatty Swallow Tailed Kite - Luckily most of these we saw were more handsome than this one, Incredible birds

Grey Capped Flycatcher

We then took a quick spin up along lake Arenal, seeing some nice wetland species such as Anhinga, Great White and Snowy Egrets and Pied Billed Grebes.

Great White Egret

Northern Jacana
Pied Billed Grebes

From Arenal it was a long drive to La Paz, nabbing birds such as Harris's Hawk and Grey Hawk en route. 

Vicious road works were present at the base of the hills which held us up the better part of an hour, but we made it to our hotel in time for a good meal and a nice couple of cold beers. 


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