2021 Review

And so 2021 comes to a close. Another year of Pandemic birding, flown past at what seems like light speed, but nonetheless memorable. The year started out well with a female Pine Bunting popping up in our local town. This bird proved very easy to see and hung around a considerable amount of time, allowing for several visits. A really nice "experience" bird to get to grips with. Pine Bunting - Female The winter continued, cold and clear, providing good birding conditions for the regular Finnish fare, particularly in our garden, which did well for things like Pygmy Owl and Black Woodpecker, whilst a drumming White-Backed Woodpecker at Villa Elfvik was a real treat. "Pedro" - Our garden Pygmy Owl Black Woodpecker The end of March brought the spring flocks of geese, which meant as usual I got to enjoy watching Taiga and Tundra Bean Geese side by side, as well as picking out scarce Bewick's Swans (now a rarity in Ireland). Tundra Bean Goose Taiga Bean Goose Bewick&#