Long Overdue

Been meaning to post a bit of a catch up on Finnish Birding. Always too busy. It was a reasonably tough winter. Not much in the way of the usual winter rarities out there, and generally pretty poor on the Owl and Woodpecker front.  I didn't manage to attract any Nutcracker to my garden this year, but as always a trip or two was made to the feeding site in Lohja. Never fails to be enjoyable. Nutcracker - Cracks your nuts Crested Tit A Crested Tit visiting the feeder in my garden, and a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker doing the same were two new phenomena over the past few months. Both species which we have regularly in the garden, but never actually taking food before. A mid-winter Caspian Gull, a 2nd winter (3CY), present in Helsinki city center was too good to pass up.  I showed up to the main open air market in Helsinki to find a small crowd of birders scanning around looking for it, but with no luck.  After an hour and a half standing around in the snow and Sub-Zero temps, I retreated